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Sharon Wexler

Do you want to learn more about global warming and climate change? You are in the right place! Sharon is a professional lecturer on these topics as well as a highly experienced events host

Meteorologist, and news anchor at KAN11 –
the Israeli public tv and radio station

What's cooking? Climate change and global warming

A lecture (can be remote) about climate change and global warming

In the lecture we will understand that the climate crisis is already here and will get worse in the coming years. We will talk about the connection between global warming, the climate crisis, politicians, and money. At the end of a fascinating, fluent, and entertaining lecture, you will know everything you need to know about global warming and the climate crisis.

What will we talk about in the lecture?

Even if you are sure that the climate change is not really related to you, we are all part of this crisis and it affects each one of us.

The science is clear: Earth is getting warmer, the last ten years were the hottest years on the planet. We, human, have a huge part in that. The situation is bad, but we can change it! There is still hope.

The biggest challenge is that there are many players with different interests that conflict one abother.

During the lecter, we will talk about the connection between global warming, the climate crisis, politicians, and money.

You will learn everything you need to know about the global warming and climate crisis. Moreover, you will know what we can still do about it from a personal perspective, as well as, on a municipal, national, and global levels. All this through a facinating, fluent and entrertaining lecture!


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  • Hi Sharon, I received enthusiastic responses! It was fascinating for me personally!! Thank you!

  • Wonderful lectere that contains a lot of knowledge, data analysis and drawing conclusions. Linking different worlds: climate and politics. You speak eloqently and your personality warms hearts.

  • It was an excellent lecture and a privilege to meet you!



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